Siskiyou Square

“Siskiyou Square” becomes the focus of safety and new discussions of neighborhood livability

The current state of the former landfill is a result of continued neglect of the methane gas management and monitoring system.  The owner of the property, Mike Hashem, has been repeatedly asked by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to maintain the system in working condition, to which he has been largely unresponsive.  In February, Oregon DEQ issued a unilateral order to Mike Hashem requiring landfill gas monitoring and an evaluation of the gas management system on his land be conducted and overhauled, as needed. 

Under this direction, Mr. Hashem complied and paid for an assessment of the existing gas system.  The report from this study, released a few months ago, concluded that elevated levels of methane gas are present along portions of the landfill boundary.  DEQ cited as a possible risk the Madison Place Subdivision, on NE Knott and Russell Streets between NE 84th and 86th Avenues.

Citing health concerns over Mr. Hashem’s land, the Save NE 82nd Coalition, in cooperation with the Madison South Neighborhood Association, is sponsoring a town hall meeting to educate the neighborhood regarding the public health and safety issues, and to inform on what is being done to correct the existing conditions.  The meeting will also include a discussion of the future of Siskiyou Square, focusing on presentations of the findings of the Imagine 82nd study, as well as other upcoming projects in the neighborhood.