History of the Location

Early 1960’s: Rose City Sand & Gravel operated a gravel pit at the site.

7/1972: Approval is given for a permit to operate a landfill on the property. The conditional use permit is to fill approximately 14.4 acres of the defunct gravel pit with dry, non-putrescible wastes. The conditions imposed were:

That exit to NE Siskiyou be located and constructed so that the cars and trucks will only be able to go west on NE Siskiyou Street.

That a 25’ foot strip along NE Siskiyou Street be dedicated for street purposes the full length of the property on Siskiyou, and be improved to city specifications from NE 83rd west to NE 82nd.

That this approval of fill is in no way to be considered tacit approval of any future request for zone change from the present R7 zoning to any A or C zoning.

That the fill be approved by DEQ and any requirements of DEQ be met. This conditional use is not to become effective until the applicant submits proof of DEQ approval.

7/1974: A conditional use permit was approved to allow additional uses. The conditions imposed were:

That the 50-ton compactor not be used on Sundays or holidays.

That all excavating and fill operations be completed by 8/13/1979.

That the final grade plans be approved by the planning commission staff to ensure a uniform finished grade and that said plans be submitted within one year.

That existing trees on the south and east boundaries be retained.

That the name and phone number of a responsible party be maintained in a conspicuous position for people to contact in case of a problem.

That the use of the D-8 Dozer be limited to more than a total of 2.5 hours per day on Sundays and holidays.