News Coverage

2/6/08: Oregonian: “Big-box developer drops site”
2/5/08: Oregonian (online): “Big box developer pulls out of Northeast Portland”
2/08: Mid-County Memo “Neighbors keep developers at arm’s length”
12/07: Hollywood Star News “82nd big box developers, opponents meet”
12/07: Mid-County Memo “Big box store developers, neighbors meet”
11/07: Mid-County Memo “Little fighters TKO big boxers”
10/11/07: “Old ways won’t do for residents near 82nd”
10/10/07: KBOO “10/10/07 OR Big Box update” MP3
10/9/07: Portland Tribune “NORTHEAST: Mall developer backs off”
10/5/07: “Wal-Mart pulls project off the table – for now”
10/3/07: “Traffic issues prove too messy for big-box developer”
10/3/07: Oregonian “Big box goes back to drawing board”
10/07: Hollywood Star News “82nd Big Box hearing postponed”
10/07: Mid County Memo “Neighborhood receives donation to fight big box proposal”