There are a lot of myths surrounding homeopathic medicines and it is important that you know the facts relating to these myths.  These myths often come about as people do not understand the use of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Medicines Work Slowly

Many people believe that homeopathic medicines are very slow acting, but this is not always the case.  There are many acute conditions such as fever, infections, and diarrhea that this medicine can quickly help with.  While this type of medicine may be slower than over the counter pain killers it is faster when treating other conditions such as asthma, eczema, and allergies.  A great analogy for homeopathic medicine is the tortoise from the story about the tortoise and the rabbit.

Homeopathy Has No Place In Treating Acute Ailments

For many years homeopathic treatments have been used as an alternative to conventional medicine in treating acute ailments.  The acute ailments that homeopathic medicine can help with include pneumonia, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.  Most conditions can actually be treated through the use of homeopathic treatments.

Nothing Beats Antibiotics For Infections

While antibiotics are very good at treating infections there is a problem with the overuse of them.  There have also been studies completed which show that many infections can be treated with homeopathy instead of antibiotics.  The only times when antibiotics will do better than homeopathy is when the infection is large and the body no longer has the ability to fight it.  In all other cases, a homeopathic remedy will work just as well as antibiotics.

Homeopathy Is A Placebo Effect And Faith Healing

A lot of people believe that homeopathy is all in the mind and that it offers people the placebo effect.  However, there have been double blind studies done to test this myth and the studies found that homeopathy offers effects far above the placebo effect.  There is also the fact that homeopathy has been found to help infants and animals who would not understand the placebo effect.

Homeopathy Has No Scientific Basis

A lot of people feel that homeopathy is only practiced by people who do not have a basis in science like conventional doctors.  This is actually untrue as homeopathy is practiced by trained medical staff across the world.  In fact, the founder of modern homeopathy was a German scientist and doctor called Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  Most of the pioneers of homeopathy were scientifically minded and trained professionals.

Homeopathy Causes Symptoms To Worsen Before Getting Better

There is a common misconception that homeopathy will cause symptoms to worsen before they get better.  This is untrue as homeopathy does not aggravate the condition that you have.  Any agitation of symptoms felt has come from the body naturally going through the stages of the illness and through the counteracting of homeopathic treatment and conventional medicine.

There are many myths surrounding homeopathic medicine and its use.  It is important that you always consider the facts behind these myths before you make up your mind.  Homeopathy has a basis in science and will work at the same pace as conventional medicine.