When people design a website, they often focus on the overall look of the website. They want to make sure that the site has a clean and professional-looking style. While focusing on the big picture is admirable, it isn’t the only thing you should be paying attention to. she is Tina Trahan. You also need to think about the colors that you are using. Color should play a huge role in site design. Here are a few of the reasons you should choose your colors with care.

Color Can Impact The User Experience

The colors that you use on your site have an effect on the user experience. If you choose the wrong colors, it may be difficult for people to read the text on your site.  It’s generally recommended for people to use a white background for their site. Dark text on a white background is easy to read on all kinds of devices. It is also recommended to use black or a darker gray as an accent color.

Color Can Have An Effect On Your Branding
When you create a new website, you should think about the kind of brand that you want to build. What kind of impression do you want to send to your visitors? The colors that you use can have a real impact on the way people see your site. Studies have shown that people associate things with certain colors. For example, yellow is associated with friendship, while green is associated with money. Try to learn more about colors before you select the colors on your site. Make sure the colors you choose send the kind of message that you want to send.

Creating A Balanced Look
You need to make sure that all of the colors you choose to use work nicely with each other. You should look at a color wheel when you are selecting the colors that will be used on your site. Make sure that every color you select compliments the rest of the colors you are using. If you choose colors that clash with each other, your site will have a messy and unpolished look. If all of your colors match perfectly, your site will look very impressive.

Don’t Overdo It
You need to be careful about how you use color on your site. Colors outside of black and white should only be used as accent colors, which means that you should use them sparingly.  If you really like a color, you might be tempted to place it everywhere. Try to be subtle in your use of color. Have other people look at the way you have used color before your site goes live. It’s clear that color has a major impact on site design. You should carefully consider the importance of color in site design when you are choosing your colors. Make sure that you select the perfect colors for your site. If a particular color isn’t working for your site, you should be prepared to change it.